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Image of Babiekins Issue 4

Babiekins Issue 4

There’s something magical about summer in Southern California -- the temperate weather, the sandy beaches, the way the sparkling ocean glitters with millions of microscopic gold flakes.

But as every parent knows, having kids changes things a bit. Suddenly, summer means less time lounging, and more time slathering on sunscreen, dusting off sandy snacks, retrieving water bottles, and supervising daring swimmers.

Despite the challenges that come with three busy boys, I am so looking forward to spending this summer toting them around. Seeing California’s beauty through their bright wonder-filled eyes has been one of the greatest joys of parenthood!

We hope that you and your babiekins experience plenty of your own magic this summer, wherever you live, and that maybe a little of that warmth reaches you through the pages of our summer issue!

In this issue you will find//
+ Amazing fashion editorials
+ A interview with Catt Sadler, Milibe Copenhagen and Ruby Bratcher from My Cakies blog
+ A woodland story
+ An adorable craft
+ An ice cream party
+ A fun summer-themed activity
+ A colorful and modern-themed room
and more!

Image of Babiekins Issue 4
Image of Babiekins Issue 4